Spread of Mercy Convents

Following Catherine’s death, other foundations followed rapidly; some direct from Baggot Street, others from Convents throughout Ireland.

Quite soon these new foundations, taking Catherine’s admonition to heart, were making foundations themselves, first within Britain and then to countries abroad.

The table shows the spread of Mercy Convents in Britain during the twenty years following the first foundation in Bermondsey. It gives some indication of the energy and vitality of this young Congregation and its evident answer to need. The story continues to unfold and can be followed in the histories of the individual houses.


London – Bermondsey 1839 Baggot St Dublin
Birmingham – Handsworth 1841 Baggot St Dublin
Liverpool 1843 Baggot St Dublin
London – Queen’s Square, Bloomsbury –
and later moved to Harewood Avenue, Marylebone in 1851


Baggot St Dublin
Nottingham 1844 Handsworth, Birmingham
Falkner Street Orphanage 1845 Liverpool
London – Chelsea 1845 Bermondsey, London
Bristol – Pritchard Street 1846 Bermondsey, London
Bristol – Dighton Street 1846 Pritchard Street Bristol
Birmingham – St Anne’s Camp Hill 1847 Handsworth, Birmingham
Leamington Spa 1847 Handsworth, Birmingham
Glasgow, Scotland 1849 Limerick
Derby 1849 Kinsale, Cork
Stafffordshire – Cheadle 1849 Carlow
West Midlands – Wolverhampton 1849 Handsworth, Birmingham
West Midlands – Maryvale 1851 Handsworth, Birmingham
Old Swan 1851 Liverpool
Pontypool, South Wales 1852 Liverpool
Sussex – Brighton 1852 Bermondsey, London
Lancaster 1853 Liverpool
Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1855 Liverpool
Yorkshire – Clifford 1855 Baggot Street Dublin
Staffordshire – Alton 1855 Cheadle, Staffordshire
London – Great Ormond Street 1856 Bermondsey, London
Staffordshire – Bilston 1856 Cheadle
Belper 1857 Derby
Wigton 1857 Bermondsey, London
Hull 1857 Clifford, Yorkshire
London – Crispin Street 1858 Wexford
Edinburgh, Scotland 1858 Limerick
London – Commercial Road 1859 Tullamore
Dundee, Scotland 1859 Derry


 “Hurrah for foundations,
makes the old young and the young merry.”
Catherine McAuley