Sister Kathleen Mary’s Platinum Jubilee

This year 2022 will go down in history as the year of the Platinum Jubilee. For many this will mean that of Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years a Queen of the United Kingdom. For us, the Sisters of Mercy, it is the Platinum Jubilee of two of our own, Sr. Kathleen Mary Grogan and Sr. Mary Teresa O’Brien (Glasgow), who unfortunately is unable to be with us due to ill health. On 13 May, feast day of Our Lady of Fatima, family, friends, colleagues, a pupil of Kathleen Mary from 1958, Sisters and Priests gathered together – from many parts of the world, Ireland, Spain, England , Wales and Scotland – in St. Edward’s Convent, Harewood Avenue, London to Thank God, congratulate and celebrate with Sr. Kathleen Mary. We were all welcomed by Sr. Geraldine. Holy Mass was celebrated in the beautiful Chapel of St. Edward’s Convent where Kathleen Mary began her Religious Life and made her Religious Profession 70 years ago. Fr. Lorenzo Andreini and 6 priest friends of Kathleen Mary concelebrated together and the homily was preached by Canon Colin Davies. Afterwards we gathered in the ‘Community Room’ for a magnificent buffet meal (fit for an army) which was enjoyed by all. There we had the opportunity to chat, sing and listen to some history from Kathleen Mary. This was a very enjoyable event to honour this remarkable Sister, who exemplified many of the characteristics associated with Platinum, namely, calmness, stability, joy, elegance, focussed, outgoing and humble. A Platinum Award is more prestigious than either gold, silver or bronze and Kathleen Mary deserves a Platinum Award.

Sister Ninian