September Prayer Reflection 2019
Food for Thought

West of London, the famous M25 motorway goes under a bridge that has a message daubed on the side. It reads “Give peas a chance.” Each time I pass I wonder – was the graffiti artist from the agricultural community worried about a crop? Or could it be a spelling mistake and is meant to read “Give peace a chance”? Or might it be a code for something known only to the initiated?

“Give peace a chance” is a very worthwhile message for drivers as we negotiate such a busy and often congested stretch of road. It is also a worthwhile message for day-to-day living.

How might the message “Give peace a chance” make a difference to each of us – in our own life, in our interaction with others both at home and in ministry, and in our parish community? These are some of the places where we have influence and can make a difference.

Our Foundress Catherine knew what militates against peace. She also knew some of the ways to encourage peace: “The Lord and Master of our House and Home is a faithful Provider. Let us never desire more than enough – He will give that and a blessing” and “The sun, I believe, never went down on our anger.”

Let us “Give peace a chance” wherever we are and in all that we do.


We pray:

Christ Jesus, let your healing love flow through us so that,
with the energy of this grace,
we may be instruments of reconciliation and peace. Amen.