January Prayer Reflection 2020
Called Anew

As we prepare for our coming Chapter in April and reflecting on where the Lord is calling us now as the Union of the Sisters of Mercy I came across this very challenging reflection on the Miraculous Catch of Fish.

“Jesus tells relative strangers to do about everything opposing their instinct and experience. Deeper waters from shore than comfortable; fish at a time that is unproductive, and undo all the usual clean-up work. Yet they did it.

We know the feeling of repeated frustration and failure. We do everything we think necessary, use the methods we’ve been taught, yet we fail.
Conventional wisdom can be our greatest obstacle. Can we put aside predictable habits in our daily life, work, community maybe even our prayer to try something radical? God’s help may come in no other way.”

J Broderick King.


Catherine McAuley did radical things in her life. They were not easy, but she responded to what she felt God was asking of her as a baptised Catholic and in time as the foundress of the new Mercy Congregation.
As we begin 2020 and think of our coming Chapter let us ask the Lord to open our eyes to what He is calling us to today. Change and letting go is not easy but that is what we are called to do each and every day of our lives. We do not renew our vows once a year but daily.


“God can bend and change and form and reform any of his creatures to fit them for the purpose he designs.” C McAuley