May Prayer Reflection 2017
'Let those whom Jesus Christ has graciously permitted to assist Him in the person of his suffering poor have their hearts animated with gratitude and love.' (Original Rule of the Sisters of Mercy. Chapter 3)

Venerable Catherine’s ministry of mercy has continued over the years since 1831. Every year for Sisters of Mercy is a year of Mercy. The charism of mercy has passed from one generation of Sisters to the next. Pope Francis in declaring a Year of Mercy and in his writings has re-echoed Catherine’s legacy.

The following poem (Conversations from Baggot Street Sepulchre) by the late Sister Mary Lou Hogan, has special meaning for all of us.

My Spirit Mother,

breathe your gentle instruction
to me, your struggling daughter.
Whisper your concern
for the poor
through the engraved granite
of my pride.

Let your plea for union and love
seep through
the polished marble
of my sophistication.
Lend me your voice of mercy
that I can speak
to the dark pain
infecting the world.
Break through
the silence of your tomb
to embrace me,
so that your tenderness and humour
will heal me
and allow me to bring life
to those who struggle
to be released
from their living sepulchres.

Let the breath of God
that strokes my soul here
stay with me,
stay with me,
stay with me
so that I may be alive
to all the poor
of all the Dublins I meet.*

Mary, Mother of Mercy intercede for all Sisters of Mercy as we, in our vocation to serve, reach out to the poor, the sick and dying, the lonely, the bereaved, to migrants, refugees and strangers in our midst.

Sr. Kathleen Mary Grogan rsm

 *With permission of Sisters of Mercy of the Americas,West, Northwest.