July Prayer Reflection 2018
This quote is taken from one of the reflections by Mary Rose Bumpus at the end of our Mercy Office Books. How do you respond to those words? I hear myself saying but I have so much to do. Where are my priorities? DOING can only be productive if I spend time BEING. Read on…….

Be silent, be still alone, and empty before your God.
Say nothing, ask nothing, be silent, be still
Let your God look upon you,
That is all.
God knows, God understands, God loves you with an enormous love
And only wants to look upon you with that generous love.
Quiet. Be Still. Let your God love you

Edwina Gateley

As I read these words recently two images came to my mind: the Scripture text of the still small voice of 1 Kings 19:9-16, and Venerable Catherine as she sat in the garden of Coolock House spending time with her God of love and tenderness. No words, no sounds just being present. In prayer too we need space to listen to God, who often speaks with the simplest words or leads us by subtle yet interior movements.


Can you make room to listen to God?