Presentation of Revised Constitutions
The General Chapter 2010 asked that a revision of our Constitutions be undertaken. All members of the Congregation were involved in the task through consultation, reflection, responding and praying.

The revision received approval at Chapter 2015 and by Rome. We gathered in St. Mary’s Convent, Handsworth on 9th May and later at St. Michael’s Convent, Clacton and St.Teresa’s Convent, Fishguard.

Shared memories of the day:

Tuesday 9th May was indeed very special when we met to receive our revised Constitutions. I found it a most solemn, moving ceremony when Sister Philomena presented each of us with a copy.

We were invited to the launch of our Revised Constitutions on 9th May 2017. There was an air of excitement and expectation among the Sisters at the coming together for this event.
We really felt the presence of Catherine as we processed to the chapel singing “She is here, she is here, she is moving among us.”

A beautiful liturgy had been prepared during which Sister Philomena traced for us the journey of the revised Constitutions from the Chapter of 2010 to this point. They had travelled North, South, East and West, to South Africa and the Lebanon in the course of their revision, and everyone had had the opportunity to contribute to the process of the revision. It was a very moving moment when the Revised Constitutions were placed in our hands. These Constitutions are OURS in a very meaningful sense.

There was a sense of belonging to something which we had worked on together and could claim ownership for. On receiving our Constitutions we experienced a sacredness in the ceremony in a way which we had never experienced  before.

The day held many highlights for me not least my first sightings of the booklet with its restful blue cover, fine paper and well-chosen size of print which makes for effortless reading of the text.
The ease of reading the text, its content and the poetry of its language is a strong incentive to us to spend time reflecting on the Constitutions and making them our own.


Seeing the hand writing of Catherine was very touching.

Copies handed out personally was so respectful.

Beautifully presented as a book. A wonderful work as a whole.




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