On Wednesday 5th October St. Adrian’s Primary School St. Albans, celebrated their 6oth Anniversary. (Delayed from 2020)

A beautiful Mass prepared by the Staff and Children of the school was celebrated by Bishop Paul McAleenan, Bishop in Hertfordshire. It was wonderful to hear the children telling the Mercy Story, and looking so proud of their Mercy Heritage, and so moving to hear them singing and dancing “The Circle of Mercy.”

Three former Head Teachers were present, Mrs. Yvonne Hawkes, Mr. Dominic Bedford and myself.

After the Mass we had a beautiful ‘Tree Planting’ ceremony.

The Mercy Associates Group from St. Albans chose this occasion to plant a tree in memory of the ministry of the Sisters of Mercy, their work in Maryland Convent and in the surrounding area

Tree Planting Ceremony

After Bishop Paul had planted the tree the three former Head Teachers were invited to tie symbolic ribbons around the tree.

A red one for TRUTH

A blue one for PEACE

A yellow one for JUSTICE

These words surround the Mercy Badge of the school.

Afterwards at a Reception it was lovely to meet up with former colleagues, parents and friends.

The Mercy Associates have also re-published “Sisters of Mercy in St.  Albans” first published in 1999. Deacon Steve Pickard has added his memories and Sister Maura Halpin has written about the inspiring Mercy Associate Group in St. Albans.

We are deeply grateful to them for keeping the memory of the Sisters alive and indeed for ensuring that the Charism of Mercy is alive and well.

It was a real privilege to be part of a most inspiring celebration.

Sister Margaret Jones